BRIM – to support the poor and needy

Br1m online was launched with the idea of sealing the poverty gaps in the life of the poor and help them live a better life, said Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan. However, he also said that this single scheme doesn’t promise to alleviate poverty completely, but instead give the poor people with the much-required financial support in tough times so that they can climb up the ladder on their own with their hard work too

The Malaysian aid is a beneficial financial assistance scheme intended to help the lower income people solve their financial problems and start a new life, Datuk Ahmad Maslan said. He also added that the Malays should get inspiration from people like the Chinese who never complain of rising prices but instead raise their income through various means. Even the daily wage earning people do this, Ahmad Maslan said in an interview during the inauguration of House of Mini Cupcakes.

Datuk Ahmad Maslan also pointed out that the financial support from some of the biggest companies in the country has helped the government to provide better support to the poor through this scheme. The donations offered by a number of small and medium size companies tallied to a total of RM10 million, and that of big companies/organizations such as Entrepreneurial Group Economic Fund and Ikhtiar Malaysia accounted for RM700 million and RM300 million respectively. Also, Night Market Fund chipped in with RM100 million and the Young Entrepreneurs Fund dropped RM10 million for the good cause.

Also, the government of Malaysia has been in supportive of Bumiputera class of business people to develop their respective businesses. One of the beneficiaries of this scheme said, “We were struggling to start a business, but with the money coming in, we are able to explore options to start our business”. With the launch of this incredible initiative , the future seems to look brighter for the people below the poverty line.